" Alone we can do little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

Mission & Philosophy

My mission is to create art along with a home and lifestyle collection which is reflective of  my faith and love for bright bold color that celebrates the beauty of nature.  Bath essentials as part of  my lifestyle collection that begin with earth friendly practices to instill the importance of caring for every part of our being by creating pure, simple, and effective bath products that deliver skin softening goodness and visual artwork that heals the soul.  With the two combined, you will have the perfect recipe to nourish and inspire your mind, body, and soul.  

I invite you to join me on this journey of nourishing and inspiring your senses and if along the way you adopt a skin care ritual that enhances your natural beauty and find a piece of art that inspires, give you some encouragement and makes you smile, then my mission has been accomplished.  


I believe that all of my gifts have been given to me by God and by his grace that I am able to run my business and be able to do what I love every day and I owe it all to Him.  Therefore, I am committed to the following:

  • Honoring the Lord in all I do by operating my business in a manner consistent with biblical principles.

  • Producing high quality products to my customers.

  • To serve my customers by providing exceptional customer service.

  • Giving back to my community with what God has given me.

  • To inspire and encourage others by contributing a light to the world with my God-Given talents.

Giving Back

Bar of hope

Bar of Hope Initiative exists to help the organizations I care deeply about in my community which have similar philosophies to help families, children and women who need our help and prayers.


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