"For we are His workmanship..."  Ephesians 2:10

Hi I'm Maggie a painter, textile and surface designer, soap maker and author, who gets excited about happy vibrant color, textures, patterns and florals.

Most importantly though, my ambitions aside, I am a child of God and worship at the Tara Church of Christ in Georgia.  I’ am also a wife to a husband who always keeps me laughing and mom to a very talented artistic daughter.

I believe that it is by no accident, only divine intervention that I delight in the process of creating from what I see in the natural world, a butterfly, landscapes to beautiful skies and everything in between.  It is my way of interacting with all things and the creator. So many things go unnoticed, but when we sit and pause for a spell there they are and I'm compelled to paint them unto canvas. Being a painter was not in my career goals but how great are God's plans for us.   I have always been a creative soul from the beginning.   As a child I spent hours with my many coloring books, crayons, and colored pencils.  My favorite memory is of coloring in those books with my mom.  My creativity was sparked when I received a clay casting kit one Christmas, followed by a candy making machine and my beloved organ.  From crayons to music I began nourishing my creative tendencies that would one day flourish into much more.  


My creativity took off to another level in 2000 during a difficult time in my life.  It was a season which was very scary, painful, and filled with many failures, disappointment, shattered dreams, and illness.  Though there were some great times as well, this part of my life was filled with some bittersweet memories.  The paintbrushes, canvases and paint became my saving grace, and my own form of art therapy to help heal from a very difficult time in my life.  There was a lot of healing from emotional and physical pain that took place.  I discovered art and how to create it in a new form.  It allowed me to be free and express myself in ways I could not before.  


I am primarily a palette knife artist that uses an impasto painting method by applying thick acrylics and oils on canvas and wood panels with knives and my fingers.  I also love working with mix media collage work using my palette knives, I love the textures and color blends that are created by this process.   You will also find my abstract series of paintings that focuses on bold color often combined with collage work.  I love exploring new techniques, subject matters, but it is  my love of color that influences how I paint and using it as part of telling my story.   Discovering the art of making soap and my own body products also expanded my creativity and I was hooked!   Some might look at my struggles and feel sorry for me and all that I have been through, but I have a different perspective.  I feel so very blessed to have experienced so much pain and sorrow, heartbreaks and the many joys as well. I have grown so much in the past few years, especially in 2013.  I have a newfound strength and have grown so much closer to God, in the process and has helped me grow as a human being.

Throughout my journey in the decorative arts, I have obtained two certifications in faux finishing and instruction and mural painting. I opened an art studio and had the privilege of painting in many homes and received a certificate of appreciation for donating works to local hospitals and senior citizen centers. I later closed my studio location to work exclusively  from my home studio due to health problems.

I have enjoyed seeing my artwork and furniture in various hallmark and national movies on screen, but my love of God and how he has worked in my life has brought me full circle and back to the easel and canvas. This is where I desire to paint a message of Hope to a world that seems to be filled with so much pain, hate, confusion and lack of spiritual direction.  I firmly believe that my past experiences, once shared through the written word and my paintings, can give others hope that all will be OK, and that God has it all under control.  That through Christ we can do all things and that he will give us the strength to do so. Phil. 4:13.

I want to convey the message of love, faith and encouragement through what I create, and to give back in each work of art a piece of all of my life experiences, discoveries, and my intimate moments with God and life reflections and to cause others to pause for just a moment and remind them that we are all one of Gods beautiful masterpiece, and of his power and faithfulness.

 I believe that every single day holds the promise of a new beginning, my life experience has taught me that everyday holds a new opportunity to live a life I love, a life inspired, to laugh out loud until it hurts my belly, to live life with purpose even when things don't seem to go as planned and trusting that God is in every itty bitty detail.  Read about my mission here The Mission

We are all  a masterpiece the results of His perfect workmanship in us and through us.

Live a life inspired