Into The Woods

Into The Woods


When I'm dealing with my pain, medical procedures every two weeks and when I find myself in the MRI tube like I did this week, I cope by escaping into my resource of mental visuals, I have my conversation with God," Ok God I know you have this all under control"

I go to my favorite places where it's filled with lots of color, soft breezes, the warm glow of the sun on my face and I'm walking effortlessly and swaying in total peace. I look up and around me and I see all that God has created, have you taken the time to truly see all the color, the bright vibrant exciting color God created?

I want to believe he created it all just for me in the moments of my pain and everything else that goes with it. For in my dreams it is all gone, the colors produce excitement and peace all at the same time.

I find myself in wonder of it all and God's creation and before I know it, I'm coping better with my situation. I hope you have a special place you go to in times of pain or difficulties and are reminded of God's power and you find yourself being still................ 

Psalms 46:10
Be Still and know that I am God.


Painted on 16x20 canvas panel arrives in a white frame
heavily textured impasto painting and palette knife work.
Fine artist acrylic paints  used
finished with a satin eco-friendly varnish.

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