About "The Seasons of Our Lives"

"The Seasons of Our Lives: An Interactive Devotional Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing Through Creativity” is a creative interactive devotional book wherein I share my story along with paintings that it has inspired through my prayers and devotional time.  Within my book I include prompts and blank pages to encourage readers to write or be creative with drawing to help them navigate through their feelings and help them express themselves through the creative process.

Painting and journaling is the method I have used to help me cope while I healed both physically and emotionally and continued to grow my faith and love for God.  Art has been the way I have been able to communicate when I could not find the words to do so, and it has allowed me to express my pain, sorrow, and joys through layers of texture, color, images, word prompts, quotes, and scriptures which helped me stay focused and inspired to move past my pain and disappointments.  

I wanted to write a book that would encourage readers going through challenging times and help them to express themselves in a creative way.  Art has been my saving grace and a vessel I use to connect to others who have also been on journeys through difficult seasons.



Customer Book Reviews

"I want to once again to thank our dear friend for writing this book! All I can say is it's healing from the first page on. I cried and I'm sure they'll be more of that but I find it therapeutic and insightful. I highly recommend you reach out to Maggie Gonzalez Miller and get this for you and for any one you love." - Olga Rodriguez -Slonski 6/14/17

"Maggie!!! My name is Nina Johnston and I just received your beautiful book "The seasons of our Lives"! Looking through it and reading certain pages moved me to tears. God really had a hand in this book and I would love to order two more. Your a inspiration and God Bless you for creating a book of self discovery and healing. I really needed this!!! 5/12/17

"Maggie just got my book, can't wait to start my journey " thank you. Cathy. Sosa. 2/20/17

" I received the two books I ordered, I started to cry when I saw the book cover. I have started to read it and started my own creative painting, I'm learning a lot about you. You are an amazing women, with so much strength and your faith to God. May God continue to bless you." Maritza Moctezuma 5/4/17

"Maggie, have read your book already. What courage you have to bear your soul like that! I am so glad to be your sister in Christ!" V. Baker 5/1/17