Image Source: Maggie G Miller Art & Design  

Image Source: Maggie G Miller Art & Design  

There has been a great deal going on in my life since my last post which from the looks of it was a year ago.  There have been a lot of changes along the way and one of my recent changes is the title of this blog. 

It was called In the Studio and was meant to be a place where I shared what was going on in my art studio and I also had a blog called The Pearl Seeker where I shared faith and art inspired by it. I decided that I can do both in one place and so Art and Faith sounded like the perfect title and be the home place of sharing both.  

All I strive to do is to please God with my abilities and to inspire and encourage others with what I create, to allow my art to speak for me when I can't find the words and to use my images to convey my thoughts along with the written word.  It is not always easy but with Gods grace and mercy and get through each day. 

This will be a place where I share the going ons in the studio as well. 

So what has gone on in the year since my last post?  My daughter graduated from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) this past June and we moved from our first studio space to a much larger studio in Atlanta  where we have been working from for the past few months.

We have now come to the conclusion that building a studio with 500+ square feet on our property is the best solution for me, so we are currently planning and designing my new studio and we hope to have it built and ready to move in the next few months and be in it by Spring if not sooner.  

I'm so looking forward to be able to move into my very own studio, I have big plans creating and offering workshops, along with enjoying working on my textile and surface designs for my home and lifestyle collections.  

I will be sharing our journey as we will be building it ourselves. 


One of the many collections that will be available soon. 

One of the many collections that will be available soon.