It's All About That Desk

My art studio is located in a spare room over the garage, its not a very large space, but I'm grateful to have it and dream and pray that God will provide me with a larger space when he see's fit.

I have dedicated spots in my studio for painting, sewing, and a packaging station for all my art and bath products to get ready for shipping.  

I have a desk which was a bit blah, painted off white and my muse inside me said you know  Mag's we  need to do something about this desk, it's not inspiring at all.  So after a few hours of painting and collage work and writing down my go to scriptures and quotes,  I now have a desk that will keep me inspired through the day and those not so great  days .  I can look at my desk and refresh my soul and remind myself of what matters.   I'm so grateful that I get to do what I do everyday and that I can serve others with it. 


Do you have a favorite piece that inspires you?

See you around in the studio.