My art philosophy is quiet simple I paint subject matters that make me happy, that offer an encouraging message to uplift the spirit.  I create impressionists, landscapes and abstract work.  My life experiences have shaped how I choose to see the world, and I see it in bright bold colors. I have chosen the path less traveled and that is to see the world with a different perspective and to look at all the beauty in the ugliness that life can sometimes throw at us.  Color plays the main role in how and what I create. The use of color and bold strokes are used to convey how God has worked and continues to work in my life onto canvas.   I'm drawn to vibrant colors and interesting compositions, thick texture created with palette knives and a variety of tools including my fingers.

I love working with paper and other mixed media materials and pushing the acrylic paint medium to its limits, dripping and layering paint onto the canvas until a story is written.  The use of words in my art that are usually found in my flower girl series, in particular, “Seeing the world in bold colors,” gives me the opportunity to create and translate my hopes and love of life and gratitude. They help me to express the excited extrovert who resides within the introvert that I am, which at times makes it difficult for me to cope with crowds and other situations or to even express how I feel verbally. 

I love working in a variety of painting styles.  I don't believe one should be confined to painting in a certain style.  One style may convey a feeling or experience better to me in that moment and so I go with that energy.  I work in layers by using color and other materials to give my pieces depth and to engage those who are looking at my work with the goal to help them feel an emotion, a memory and be uplifted by the message I have hopefully achieved through my work.  That there is still beauty and hope in a world that can sometimes be very ugly.